Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's a new e-world

As I venture further into the nouveau world of not-for-profit organizations, I realize the need to master the e-world.  No longer do we talk to each other, we now 'reference' information on our friends' web sites, face book, blogs, etc.  Donor partners don't want an update...they want YOU to update your face book, web page, and organizational profile, so they can make a decision about funding your projects via e-mail proposals.  All without human communication.

Today, there are so many things we can learn about each other without even using our cell phones to talk...or even consider licking another postage stamp.  

Join me as I discover this new world.  [Actually I've had a home computer since 1984...monochrome screen, no hard drive, 'big' floppy disks, etc. so I'm familiar with the technology.]  For a decade, I used typewriters and thermo-faxes...my how technology flies.  I've just been one who wanted to have a conversation and 'tell you the story of my not-for-profit,' not make a presentation.    

Oh, well, as I remind myself often, it is the 21st Century. 

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